Benefits of Trading Account

Once you know how to open trading account, you have access to several advantages. Here are some of them:

Secure trades: Carry out safe and convenient transactions through Impiya Advisory. Whether you’re on your laptop or mobile phone, intraday buying and selling is quick and seamless.

Lower costs: Low brokerage fees ensure that costs don’t affect returns. Also, you can benefit from no charges for the first year.

Real-time monitoring: Monitor stock price movements as they happen.

Why Open Trading Account?

Equity has outperformed most other asset classes in the past few years. In a growing economy like India, the equity market will continue to grow, and enable traders and investors to earn high returns*.

Having an online trading account is invaluable if you want to trade in shares. You will be able to carry out trades quickly and efficiently and make the most of developing situations.

Opening this type of account with Impiya Advisory is a straightforward and seamless process. Whatever be your appetite buying and selling equities, Impiya Advisory an account to meet your requirements.

Difference Between Trading and Demat Accounts

People are sometimes confused between these two types of accounts. The former enables you to buy and sell shares on the stock market. A demat account, on the other hand, is like a bank account not only for shares but also for other investment products.